Fulop blasts Trump $6B budget cuts, particularly to the needy

Fulop blasts Trump $6B budget cuts, particularly to the needy

Fulop blasts Trump $6B budget cuts, particularly to the needy

The NLIHC and its Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding issued a report earlier this week, titled "A Place to Call Home: The Case for Increased Federal Investments in Affordable Housing, " in response to the threat of cuts to HUD and Agriculture Department programs. This week, President Donald Trump reportedly asked Congress to slash the program's funding altogether to find the cash for his 2018 budget, which aims to financially support his plans to begin building a wall on the southern border with Mexico and to boost military spending.

The proposed cuts would eliminate block grants for community development and housing production, reduce resources to fix and rehabilitate public housing developments by two-thirds and result in more than 200,000 losing support via the Housing Choice Voucher rental assistance program, Yentel said.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson, however, has been highly critical of public assistance as he reportedly believes that "too much government can discourage people from working hard" - this despite the fact that Carson's mother received food stamps to feed her family and Carson himself was raised in housing assistance programs like the ones CDBG provides, Fortune reported.

"The budget as proposed would be devastating", Duggan said.

Experts were quick to note that the budget, which focuses on discretionary spending, references areas of priority for the new administration and will likely be revised as advocacy groups, legislators and other stakeholders respond in kind and prepare to justify alternative approaches.

Grassley has long conducted oversight over local housing authorities and HUD to ensure that the billions of taxpayer dollars dedicated to housing are spent appropriately to serve people in need of safe, affordable housing. The plan said the program is "not well-targeted to the poorest populations and has not demonstrated results".

Less than one-quarter of households eligible for federal rental assistance actually receives it, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has 21 percent of its budget cut in the blueprint.

However, one provision referring to funding cuts in the USDA's statistical research raises concern for him. A more detailed breakdown of the budget proposal is expected in May.

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