GOP faces major hurdles in reducing repeal bill's coverage losses

GOP faces major hurdles in reducing repeal bill's coverage losses

GOP faces major hurdles in reducing repeal bill's coverage losses

President Donald Trump said Friday he is "100% behind" the GOP's healthcare bill, asserting that the media has not reported fairly on the bill or its support among Republican lawmakers.

It was then left to the House of Representatives as well as the Senate to come up with a new bill that could replace Obamacare. Another would allow states to accept Medicaid block grants from the federal government and distribute them as they see fit, rather than follow the federal formula for per-person payments.

House Republicans' proposal to revise the Affordable Care Act in the USA would lower the number of Americans with health insurance by 24 million while reducing the federal deficit by US$337 billion by 2026, congressional budget analysts said.

"This report confirms that the American Health Care Act will lower premiums and improve access to quality, affordable care".

As many as 14 million more people would be uninsured next year under the proposed law, according to the assessment by the CBO and Joint Committee on Taxation, due to rising premiums and the elimination of the so-called individual mandate requiring Americans to purchase coverage.

The GOP legislation would eliminate the current mandate that almost all people in the United States carry insurance or face fines. The report's findings constitute a blow to the Republican leadership, which has long sought to eliminate the current health care reform pushed by ex-President Barack Obama and replace it with this new plan. But if Texas still refuses to expand, it will have to share a pot of $10 billion over five years with other non-expansion states, per the GOP bill.

However, responses to the comments at the meeting suggest that Republicans have still not won over all conservative lawmakers.

The Congressional Budget Office, (CBO) is expected to release its' analysis of the GOP health care bill later this week. Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Trump met Tuesday with key Republicans and Anthem CEO Joseph Swedish, who praised the AHCA.

"As of today, they do not have the votes based on the public comments by Senators. When people have more choices, costs go down". It would also scale back on Medicaid, the principal form of insurance for those on the bottom rungs of the income ladder. "We've done some great things", and "health care looks like it's really happening".

Critics say it would make health insurance more expensive for individuals, especially older adults and those with modest incomes.

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