Harbor Freight settles in class action lawsuit

Harbor Freight settles in class action lawsuit

Harbor Freight settles in class action lawsuit

Consumers who purchased tools from Harbor Freight in the last several years could be entitled to money from a settlement in a lawsuit against the company.

Plaintiff Jeffrey Beck stated that the company advertised certain products at "sale" and "compare at" prices even though those items weren't originally sold at a higher price to begin with.

The settlement covers items bought between April 8, 2011 and December 15, 2016.

The amount of the refund depends on the amount of the purchase and whether they have supporting documents, such as itemized receipts or credit card statement.

Customers who saved itemized receipts of their purchase that display a "You Saved" amount will receive 20% off the amount they paid in cash or 30% as a Harbor Freight gift card. You must file a claim if you think you have been impacted.

All claims must be submitted on the National Price Settlement online claim filing portal by August 7.

You can also fill out a form to make a sworn statement confirming your claim to be eligible for a $10 gift card.

If you have a credit card statement showing a Harbor Freight purchase, you can submit copies of the statement and receive 10% of the purchase amount in cash or 12% as a Harbor Freight gift card.

The western Massachusetts Harbor Freight locations are in West Springfield, Springfield, and Pittsfield.

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