IOS 10.3 Officially Released

Leading the Apple Inc.

Finally, Apple is secretly updating all iOS devices to APFS, a new file system. Today, we'll look at that and other Apple Rumors for Monday.

When it comes to iOS 10.3 officially being released, you will find that these updates will help you better use your iOS device. One of the major additions is the "Find My AirPods" feature.

If the AirPods are within range of any iOS devices signed into iCloud and available, that device's location will be used to show the user where to start looking for the lost earphones. It is now available as a free over-the-air update for anyone running MacOS Sierra. Night Shift, much like the independent f.lux utility, is created to help you sleep better by reducing the amount of blue light that tricks your body into thinking it's earlier than it is. Sure, Apple does support a lot of old devices so to speak, but some of them barely keep up in terms of performance, creating nothing more than frustration for the user during day to day usage. Apple is now rolling out the official macOS 10.12.4 release through the Mac App Store. Although there isn't a single big improvement stemming from using APFS, Apple probably wants to get the filesystem on the road to pave the way for future features and updates.

While Theater Mode is active, you'll see an the icon at the top of the Apple Watch whenever you view the screen. This will stop the device from turning on when the person moves their wrist.

It's useful in situations where the bright screen can be a distraction, such as a movie or a play, and it's also useful for those who like to sleep with their Apple Watches. This warning then led developers to "assume" that Apple's support for 32-bit apps would disappear by the end of the year, Sensor Tower said. This is especially important, as Apple strives to fix iPhone exploits to stop organizations and individuals from hacking your iPhone or iPad before the processes and details are made public.

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