Microsoft Rolls Out Lockscreen Functionality for Cortana on Android

Above Cortana for Android Image Credit Paul Sawers  VentureBeat

Above Cortana for Android Image Credit Paul Sawers VentureBeat

Cortana has been available on Android for a year now (in the United States at least), and Microsoft recently made its virtual assistant even more useful by making it accessible on the lock screen.

Still waiting for your phone to receive Google Assistant? According to Microsoft, the ability to interact with Cortana directly from the lock screen was among the most requested features. Perhaps you've considered downloading Microsoft's own personal assistant, Cortana to your phone.

During the beta, users could head into the Cortana's Setting menu to switch on lock screen integration. That changes today via a helpful update which lets users talk to Cortana directly from the phone's lock screen.

The company has gone on to make update to Cortana home on Android, providing you with glanceable information about what is coming up for your next day, such as schedule, commute times along with upcoming reminders and the ability to quickly add reminders and new calendar items to your day. Cortana users will now be able to get answers to their questions, set a reminder and more without having to unlock their Android devices.

In addition to the lock screen access, Cortana Home is getting a bit of an upgrade too, as users can now see things at more of a glance if they just want to get in a quick peek at certain information. Support for the assistant was already available there on Windows 10 devices. Cortana is only available in select markets, but today's update introduces Cortana to a new location where it wasn't previously available for users to install, which is Australia.

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