More Than 500 Children Have Gone Missing From DC in 2017

More Than 500 Children Have Gone Missing From DC in 2017

More Than 500 Children Have Gone Missing From DC in 2017

That's deeply disturbing, ' Congressional Black Caucus chairman Representative Cedric Richmond said in a letter obtained by the Associated Press. Eleanor Holmes Norton have asked for the use of "necessary" resources in determining whether these cases are an anomaly or part of an emerging trend. Many on Twitter were quick to note that often times, cases of missing white women and girls receive immediate and lasting coverage in local and national news, whereas it has been a struggle to bring attention to hundreds of missing girls of color in D.C. For abductions and cases of sex trafficking, many people and people of color are concerned with explanations behind these missing girls.

Derrica Wilson, co-founder of the Black and Missing Foundation, told Fox News she worries that human trafficking is a factor, and cited the high-profile case of 8-year-old Relisha Rudd, who has been missing for three years and is feared dead.

Viral posts on Instagram and Twitter have created a social media hysteria that the number of black girls missing in D.C. has skyrocketed, leading members of Congress to write a letter to the FBI and the Department of Justice requesting federal involvement.

The result is a sense that girls in DC are going missing at an alarming rate - and that no one is paying attention. Over the past five years, an average of 200 people have gone missing each month, the outlet reported.

Although the post was inaccurate, the reality is not much better - since March 19, 10 juveniles were reported missing and six have been found according to NBC Washington.

The photos demonstrated the lack of concern for Black girls and women in the US from non-Black communities, especially from white people.

"These are missing CHILDREN. Demand equal coverage of ALL missing children from the media", she added.

Even though a widely shared statistic about 14 black girls going missing in Washington, D.C., in recent weeks has been debunked, the city's mayor Muriel Bowser has announced new initiatives to help find missing children in the nation's capital, including what are called "wraparound" social services to help address the needs of families in distress. Thus, it is critical that the public continues to pay attention to and share information about D.C.'s missing juveniles, as well as spread information about missing children in their own hometowns.

The number of missing persons cases in the Washington metropolitan area hasn't spiked, acting Police Chief Peter Newsham told USA Today.

"This is another way for us to amp up the attention for kids who don't normally get any attention when their parents don't know where they are", Mayor Bowser said. All but 22 of this year's cases have been resolved. "Each of our children is loved and cherished and EACH child deserves all of our collective effort to bring them home".

Note: 2 of the girls on the cover have been missing before this year, but are being used to discuss a long term issue in [Washington] D.C.

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