Netflix is testing a 'Skip Intro' button, and viewers love it



For viewers who are binge-watching a show, it can be annoying to have to watch the opening credits and hear the theme song numerous times, so Netflix is testing an option that allows viewers to skip the intro altogether.

Right now, the feature only works online - not on the app.

The feature is now only available on the Netflix web platform, but it's appearance could mean Netflix if planning to bring it to their apps down the line. But hey, it's a start! So far, users have said that it's available on "Orange Is the New Black", "House of Cards", "Iron Fist", "The Office", and "Mad Men".

According to Entertainment Weekly, the button is only available to use when streaming a show in a web browser.

Netflix executive Smita Saran told CNN the feature is still being tested and the company has not made a decision about whether it will become a permanent feature on all platforms.

Do you have access to the feature yet?

Personally, I like the title sequences of most shows, as they set the mood.

It's also unclear which shows merit a Skip Intro button at this time, considering Bojack Horseman's now unskippable opening is almost as long as Mad Men's cucumber-cool opening jam and Parks and Rec's chirpy intro combined.

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