Planned Parenthood: Female Lawmakers Who Vote for Health Care Bill 'Betraying Women'

Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Richards called out the young Trump, telling BuzzFeed, "It's time for Ivanka to ... stand for women".

Republicans who are driving the plan to de-fund Planned Parenthood say that this step will limit the number of abortions. "Women will lose our lives over this bill".

Sure, Planned Parenthood has 662 clinics across the country, but there are 13,540 community health centers that offer a full spectrum of services that Cecile Richards's group doesn't.

Richards lamented that the Obamacare replacement bill is a "catastrophe".

While a vote is supposed to take place Thursday, strong opposition to the bill could delay it.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said earlier this week that the American Health Care Act would restore "pro-life principles to the health care system".

"It's pretty clear they would do anything to pass this disastrous see the photographs of the [House] Freedom Caucus, this supposedly pro-family group, literally bargaining away the rights to maternity care benefits, birth control benefits".

Ivanka Trump silence on the health care bill is "deafening", according to the Planned Parenthood leader.

As Donald Trump continues his wrecking ball approach to presidential policy, the next target in his sights could be Planned Parenthood, which he insists promotes abortions.

Richards added that the widely-publicized "deal" Trump supposedly proposed to Planned Parenthood - giving them more money if they stopped providing abortions - was "not a deal" at all, she said. Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, is one of the "folks who [has] been very hostile to women's health". "It was clearly an attempt to divide people [supporting] Planned Parenthood", she said, but emphasized that it did not work.

As a woman, I am always surprised when men like Joseph Morgan weigh in on Planned Parenthood, particularly when they are missing the facts.

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