Rick Perry Claims College Rigged Election for Gay Student

Possible Discrimination Against White Straight Christian Raised in A&M Election Fiasco


In the case of Perry's student election outrage, Robert McIntosh is the son of Alison McIntosh, the founder of the McIntosh group, a major Republican fundraising group from Texas that raised money for Perry's boss, Donald Trump.

Perry says the disqualification of original victor Robert McIntosh-the son of a major Texas Republican fundraiser who campaigned for President Trump-didn't "fit the crime" and wouldn't have happened if McIntosh weren't straight and white.

Perry went on to question if McIntosh would have been disqualified had he been a "minority student".

Texas A&M University said on Thursday it respectfully disagreed with comments U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry made a day earlier when he criticized an election at his alma matter that led to the school's first openly gay student body president. A university court disqualified him after winning the recent TAMU election for student body president.

"Petitioner desires to investigate...the true reasons for such disqualification and establish that those reasons are based on the fact that he is a heterosexual, white, Christian male", according to McIntosh's March 23 petition.

The leading vote-getter? He was disqualified - I swear I'm not making this up - for failing to produce receipts for glow sticks he used in a campaign video.

"Now, Brooks" presidency is being treated as a victory for "diversity.' It is hard to escape the perception that this quest for "diversity" is the real reason the election outcome was overturned", wrote Perry, who as governor helped lead the charge to ban same-sex marriage in Texas.

Brooks has not spoken to media about the Perry letter but has said he wanted to use his new post to help make the school more inclusive. "Apparently, glow sticks merit the same punishment as voter intimidation". "It is hard to escape the perception that this quest for "diversity" is the real reason the election outcome was overturned", Perry wrote.

Perry also contended the university chose "preferred outcomes over equal treatment: that the ends justify the means, and that not every student is deserving of the same treatment".

Although TAMU spokeswoman denied they treated McIntosh unfairly, and others suggested no identity politics occurred, The Battalion stated Brooks' sexuality mattered because "representation matters" as "an important step towards inclusiveness and progress" at "a historically anti-LGBT university".

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