Sex offenders face deportation after arrests in metro area, ICE says

Four Nassau Men Arrested As Part Of ICE Roundup Of Sex Offenders

Sex offenders face deportation after arrests in metro area, ICE says

There's been concern in immigrant communities in Rochester recently about Immigration and Customs Enforcement actions, but nothing has been confirmed.

Twenty-three undocumented immigrants were arrested in Iowa last week as part of a federal targeted enforcement operation, according to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement news release Thursday.

ICE says 62 of those arrested, including 10 lawful permanent USA residents, had prior criminal convictions.

Of the individuals that were apprehended, 120 had a previous conviction or pending charges, and 50 had been previously removed from the United States and subsequently illegally re-entered the country. Seven were considered fugitives, having already been ordered by a federal judge to leave the U.S. Beyond Nebraska and Iowa, the arrests were made in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota during a three-day targeted operation.

· ERO St. Paul presented four of these cases to a U.S. Attorney's office for prosecution; all four were accepted for prosecution.

A 48-year-old Mexican man convicted for possession of child porn was arrested in Brooklyn. The individual is a lifetime predatory offender registrant.

Decker, ICE field office director for NY, noted that all suspects are being detained pending the completion of removal proceedings, and praised the work of the agency's Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officers, who were personally responsible for tracking down the alleged lawbreakers and getting them off the streets.

"ICE does not conduct random sweeps, checkpoints or raids that target aliens indiscriminately", the agency said in a statement about the arrests. "ICE will continue to conduct targeted enforcement operations, whether local jurisdictions intend to cooperate with ICE or not".

This month's operation was "routine" and focused on apprehending immigration fugitives, people who re-entered the US after being deported and criminals, the release said.

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