THAAD May Be Operational in South Korea Next Month

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Washington's ambassador to the United Nations was asked about China's proposed deal, which suggests a freeze in testing in exchange for a suspension of US-South Korean military drills.

State news agency Xinhua tweeted the statement delivered by Wang, who said that North Korea's missile deployment could kick off an "arms race" in the region.

On Wednesday, less than a day after the USA military revealed the controversial missile defense system had arrived in South Korea, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters that the United States and North Korea are heading for a collision like "two accelerating trains with neither side willing to give way".

"I think North Korea already has, or we have to assume they have for claiming purposes, the ability to hit the United States today with a nuclear weapon". The two leaders also vowed to strengthen cooperation and coordination in handling the North Korea issue and to hold phone talks when necessary.

But she said that the world was "not dealing with a rational person" when it came to the North Korean leader. "We are re-evaluating how to handle North Korea going forward", she added.

Recall that on Monday, the DPRK carried out a regular missile launch towards the Sea of Japan.

"Now with the impeachment of President Park, with the political process very much in an uncertain period of time, it is more likely that unexpected negative events may happen on the Korean peninsula bringing damage not only to North Korea and South Korea but neighboring countries like China", he said.

North Korea is pushing forward with plans to develop a nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile, and the quickly running out of options to stop them.

South Korea is also in the process of ousting its president, Park Geun-hye, on charges of corruption and has just placed under arrest Lee Jae-yong, the head of Samsung, a company that is estimated to account for 20 percent of South Korea's gross domestic product.

North Korea conducted its fifth and largest nuclear test September, 2016.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will make his first trip to Asia next week and meet with senior officials to discuss North Korea's recent missile tests and U.S. economic and security interests in the region. The U.S. military said THAAD can intercept and destroy short and medium-range ballistic missiles during the last part of their flights.

In the statement, the ASEAN Foreign Ministers also reaffirmed their full support for the denuclearization of the peninsula in a peaceful manner.

"We have maintained our calm and self-restraint through all of this but we feel that enough is enough", said Bessho.

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