Trump holds campaign-style event in Louisville, Kentucky

"Obviously there has been some discussion of Paul Manafort, who played a very limited role for a very limited amount of time", said Spicer, who ignored a follow-up request for clarification, given Manafort's position.

That depends on what he means by the word "limited".

Manafort, a former business partner of Stone, was announced as a convention manager with the campaign in late March 2016, and later came out on top in what was described as a power struggle with Trump strategist Corey Lewandowski last spring.

Manafort served as campaign chairman for a period of 99 days from May 19 to August 19. And when campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was sacked in June, Manafort - who butted heads with Lewandowski - was widely seen as the campaign's top official. At an event in New Hampshire in February 2016, while again complaining about Obama golfing, Trump declared that if he were in office, "I'd want to stay in the White House and work my ass off".

In August, officials in Ukraine said Manafort's name was included on a list of "black accounts" made by the former Ukraine President Victor Yanukovych, a supporter of Russia's President Vladimir Putin. Manafort resigned that day.

After FBI Director James Comey testified to Congress that the bureau is actively investigating whether there are any links between Donald Trump's campaign and Russian Federation, the White House went to incredible lengths to distance the president from some of his closest allies during the campaign - including one of his three campaign managers.

Donald Trump's frequent trips to the golf course and to his Florida resort have generated even more controversy given his calls for greater fiscal responsibility in his proposed budget, with deep cuts to many agencies including cutting funding to PBS and other arts-related groups as well as Meals on Wheels.

The inquiry includes "individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia's efforts".

"It didn't make any sense on its face", Bash said of Spicer's claim.

If you're in Sean Spicer's world Monday, and you're looking for top players in Donald Trump's presidential campaign, try checking under the bus.

"With respect to Paul, though, I believe". "Meaning that for the entire final stretch of the general election, he was not involved".

Manafort, along with former national security adviser Michael Flynn and foreign policy adviser Carter Page, are at the center of the FBI's inquiry into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, sources told CNN.

On Monday, Spicer attempted to distance Trump from the controversial figures who helped propel the president into the White House.

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