TSMC to supply 100 mil. new chips for Apple

TSMC to supply 100 mil. new chips for Apple

TSMC to supply 100 mil. new chips for Apple

Today, the Economic Daily News is reporting that TSMC will begin mass production on Apple's A11 processor in April.

Supplier TSMC is no stranger to Apple chip production, they were the exclusive manufacture of the Apple A10 chip and is expected to be the sole supplier of the A11 chip this year too.

We are still several months away from the arrival of the iPhone 8, but to keep up with Apple's demand, TSMC is expected to ramp up production starting from the month of April.

The A11, which will be powering the iPhone 8, will be using a 10nm process.

The report also notes that the A11 chips are built on a 10nm FinFET process, packing wafer-level integrated fan-out (InFO) packaging technology. For the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, TSMC now manufactures the A10 chip on a 16nm FinFET process.

Already the speed of the A10 chip present in iPhone 7 has been lauded as the best among the rest of the smartphone industry. That sounds complicated, but the bottom line is that it will result is a smaller chip ready to offer better performance while utilizing less energy. As well as density, Apple chip designers will have likely redesigned the components and circuitry to optimize performance and power efficiency further.

The newspaper report says that TSMC will have made 50 million A11 chips before the end of July with the plan to make 100 million chips this year.

History shows that Apple has upgraded the processors in its new iPhones every year.

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