UNC, Duke coaches agree on one thing: HB2 'sad,' 'stupid'

Not because of the decision to relocate, but rather at the state legislature's ruling which forced the NCAA's hand.

North Carolina has lost a number of other sporting events due to HB2, including the ACC football championship game (which moved to Orlando) and the NBA All-Star game (which moved to New Orleans).

"They have the right to host it whether our state is smart enough to have it", Krzyzewski said. It shouldn't be a contest of one or another.

"Maybe we'll get there in the next century".

When asked what the solution is, Krzyzewski said he didn't want to get political, but he later added: "Look, it's a stupid thing".

But because of the controversial HB2 law, the NCAA opted to make a political statement and withdraw its events in the Tar Heel State. And I'd back up my promises, as unusual as that might be. If I was president or governor I'd get rid of it.

Republican legislators, who have vice-grip control over what passes in the General Assembly, will not pass a repeal of House Bill 2.

Legislation has been filed that would repeal the measure and expand LGBT protections, and Gov. Roy Cooper has called on the legislature to repeal the law. In September, the NCAA announced it was moving previously awarded championship events from North Carolina during the 2016-17 academic year.

At his press conference in Greenville, Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski opened his remarks by discussing how for one month a year, college basketball has the power to unite people-which then led him to discuss what could divide us.

With words like "sad" and "stupid", North Carolina's top basketball coaches made their feelings known about the state of North Carolina politics. The NCAA pulled its events out of SC in 2009 because of a controversy surrounding the flying of the Confederate flag on its state house grounds. It also limits local abilities to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination. At first said he didn't want to get political, but he couldn't resist criticizing the bill that has cost the school's basketball-obsessed their home state tournament games. That directly targets transgendered people whose birth genders aren't the same as their current ones.

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