Venom Will NOT Take Place In The MCU; Might Be Rated R

The next hero stepping up to the red-band plate is Spider-Man's arch enemy Venom.

But who will save the day from Venom?

It is now unknown if there will be any connection between the Venom film and this year's Spider-Man: Homecoming. The costume eventually revealed itself as a sentient being with sinister intentions, forcing Spider-Man to get rid of it.

In a series of unconfirmed - and therefore, entirely unofficial - reports regarding the Venom movie, the studio is said to be framing the film as the "R"-rated first installment of a new cinematic universe".

Sony is also developing a movie surrounding the female characters of the Spider-Man universe with Black Cat and Silver Sable, now being written by Thor scribe and comic book writer Chris Yost.

Venom has always been one of the darker, more violent characters in the Marvel Comics universe - particularly in Spider-Man's rogues gallery. Venom, by the way, will apparently be R-rated, as the recent success of Deadpool and Logan is leading the studios - which are some of the most reactionary corporations around - to immediately become obsessed with the idea that superhero movies now need to carry the more adult-oriented rating. (Alex Kurtzman, director of this summer's The Mummy, had previously been attached and perhaps could be again.) Under those circumstances, is Sony really ready to have a Venom movie ready by October 5, 2018? According toCollider, the Venom script by Dante Harper is going to launch a universe while also being R-rated.

Now Marvel has released a preview of Venom #6, which will see the long-awaited return of Eddie Brock to the world of the character.

In the short, a French film crew follows NY reporter Eddie Brock (played by True Blood's Ryan Kwanten) and discovers that his investigation isn't just for journalistic purposes.

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