Close Trump ally says health care an "open wound" among GOP lawmakers

Close Trump ally says health care an

Close Trump ally says health care an "open wound" among GOP lawmakers

He did not, however, commit to a particular path forward. As recently as January, he said in an interview with The Washington Post: "We're going to have insurance for everybody".

White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Tuesday acknowledged talks but no imminent plans for reviving the bill. "Yes", he told reporters. Yes", he said. "Are we actively planning an immediate strategy? "Not at this time".

Some House Republicans are putting forth the appearance that they've recuperated after the American Health Care Act bill got pulled last week, and new reports indicate they're giving it another go. That everyone is somewhat in the wrong highlights the potential need for a shift in paradigm with regards to health care debates.

On Monday, Ryan told donors on a private call that the health-care push would continue "on two tracks" as the House pursues other priorities of President Trump.

Many members emerging from the Tuesday morning meeting said the GOP wasn't yet ready to abandon health care despite the fact that President Donald Trump made it clear last week it was time to get on to tax reform.

"Obviously everybody wants to find a way to get this passed and we're going to work real hard to do that", said Meadows.

Brat suggested, however, that his bloc had already made significant concessions - for instance, accepting a federal tax credit system that many hard-liners despise - and that it was up to other holdouts to compromise. It was rushed through the Congress with no one having a chance to understand the bill. "So once a few subgroups come together with a potential yes, boy, I think everyone is going to be happy".

"If they can get 216 votes, that's great", Cornyn added to reporters on Tuesday. From Trump on down, they note high increases in certain states.

After what he sees as a wonderful win, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer now intends to block a Senate vote on Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, and thus force Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to muster 60 votes to halt a Democratic filibuster. DesJarlais is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, a 30-something member group of hard-line conservatives whose opposition to the health care bill helped defeat it. But they may not be able to dodge this decision, and its many consequences. Another 28 percent blamed the failure of either Trump or congressional Republicans to comprise. "If we're going to get it done through reconciliation, it would be between now and May". Pat Roberts, R-Kan., said: "No".

Yes, that's a good thing, because we know how a bill like this would have worked in the past.

The ACA remains in place for now, but many on both sides of the aisle feel it's far from flawless.

The generous interpretation of these pronouncements is that Republicans believe a significant segment of the US health care system is failing, and are boasting about their intent to do nothing about it in the hope that the ensuing suffering will revive the Obamacare repeal process.

"Our leaders today are saying 'let's not isolate, '" said.

"To my Democrat colleagues who were celebrating Friday's action, I think their celebration is premature", House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana, said. It's true, the Trump plan would have changed the Obamacare formula that required insurers to charge older consumers no more than three times what they charge the youngest adults.

"I think it was the longest prayer we've ever had", New York Republican Rep. Chris Collins said, referring to the opening prayer that is part of every conference. Republicans have spent the past seven years obstructing Obamacare, complaining about it, campaigning against it, promising to repeal it, and repeatedly putting forward repeal votes. But he said he also was considering filing a discharge petition on his own bill - a one-line repeal of the ACA.

House Democrats, who unanimously opposed the Republican repeal, were meeting Wednesday to come up with their own proposals for improving the law while also calling on Republicans to fix rather than repeal. Trump signaled Friday he would move on and not expend any further political capital on the effort, Senate Republicans remain deeply wary of the House approach, and recent polls show public opinion running strongly against the now-dormant GOP bill.

Ryan says Republicans would try working out their differences over the measure.

Some Republicans with slim majorities also rebelled because they didn't want to leave themselves exposed to challenges from the Democrats. But if not, and perhaps we decide that we value marginal individual liberty more highly, then we ought to seriously discuss what a free market healthcare system would look like.

But other House leaders were more willing to make bold claims.

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