Did 'Star Trek' Actor George Takei Just Announce He's Running for Congress?

Star Trek actor and jokester George Takei is not running for political office

Star Trek actor and jokester George Takei is not running for political office

Takei appeared to be in on the joke, tweeting "Let's do this!" on Saturday morning, which also happens to be April Fool's Day. On Saturday morning, he admitted it was a prank, and instead encouraged fans to support real candidate Jon Ossoff, who is running in the 2017 special election April 18 to represent Georgia's 6th congressional district.

Acting as narrator, Takei guides readers through memories of his family's confinement within the internment camps, the aftermath of starting over with nothing after their release, his rise to stardom as helmsman of the USS Enterprise on Star Trek, and how these life-changing events led him down his chosen path of activism and championing human rights.

Questioned by the website, Takei said, "Well, I guess the jig is up. Let's do this! #Takei2018", Takei tweeted out on Friday evening. I knew I had to take a bigger stand.

"No, I'm not running for Congress. My hope is to challenge Davin Nunes for his seat in 2018", George told the website. Nunes, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, has been in the news recently for his handling of an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. I think I can. And I plan to prove that.

Takei, 79, - an outspoken critic of President Trump - had many people fooled and also left people feeling disappointed. I think I can. "These days you can say pretty much anything without getting in trouble". We need to build a majority again in Congress, too, to be a check against the Trump Administration's excesses, assuming he's even around by then to keep making horrific mistakes. Takei tweeted a picture of himself with a sign saying "Gotcha!" a few hours later.

Did you fall for Takei's April Fool's announcement?

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