French candidate Fillon vows to fight Islamic extremism



Ms Maréchal-Le Pen said: "I believe it is totally possible for us to gain this status because, objectively, the European Union without France would be complicated".

Macron has said the French are exhausted of the same old faces. That was down two percentage points from a week earlier, but still a high percentage by French election standards.

Repeatedly attacking 39 year-old Macron for his "inexperience" and "immaturity", Fillon, a former prime minister, said Russian Federation was not the biggest threat to France and should not be treated as such.

The government will be cut back and only contain 15 ministers, appointed for their strengths and not "for their political weight", he said.

Mr Macron raised concerns over the affect Brexit would have on French nationals living in London but added: "Obviously we will work together with the United Kingdom and with London because they live there". "All the sponsorships are welcome, but no sponsorship will stop me from reforming and advancing", he insisted.

PARIS France's conservative presidential candidate on Friday dismissed as "fantasy" concerns that Russian Federation could be interfering in the election and said he would seek a better balance in relations with a country that was nevertheless "dangerous".

Emmanuel Macron has said he would not punish the United Kingdom for Brexit if he were to be elected the new French president.

"The movement will be open but coherent, it will be a majority of efficiency". In an email to customers, told investors that the political correctness leads people to lie in polls like the world has seen during the U.S. election. "But he is not the candidate of the right", said Fillon spokeswoman Annie Genevard. "There will be no agreement of political machinery".

National Front leader Le Pen, an anti-European Union candidate, and independent candidate Macron are seen as the most likely to proceed to the second round of the presidential election, scheduled for May 27.

Hamon's base of sure voters is just 45 percent, it noted, and many of them could end up being split - about equally - between Melenchon and Macron.

First-round voting intentions for the frontrunners, Macron and National Front leader Marine Le Pen, showed both slipping one percentage point to 25 percent and 24 percent respectively.

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