Korea Calls U.S. Strikes on Syria "Unforgivable"

Kim Nong-gum of North Korea battles Georgina Farman of Britain for the puck during their game at the International Ice Hockey Federation Women's World Championship Division II Group A at Gangneung Hockey Centre in Gangneung Gangwon Province

Korea Calls U.S. Strikes on Syria "Unforgivable"

United States missile strikes on a Syrian airbase were "an unforgivable act of aggression", North Korea has said, adding that this showed its decision to develop nuclear weapons was "the right choice a million times over".

"We will bolster up in every way our capability for self-defense to cope with the USA evermore reckless moves for a war and defend ourselves with our own force", it said.

"Over the past four weeks, there have been unusually high levels of activity at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site", said 38 North Thursday, based on recent analysis by North Korea experts Joseph S. Bermudez, Jr. and Jack Liu.

Trump made it a point to address the media about the Syria strike at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida just moments after dining with his Chinese counterpart President Xi Jinping.

North Korea last week conducted a ballistic missile test in spite of U.N. Security Council resolutions banning such launches.

Such closer cooperation could include tighter enforcement of worldwide trade sanctions - nearly all of North Korea's trade passes through China - along with a crackdown on the North's ability to use the global financial system and heavy punishments or exclusion from the financial world for those who deal with the North. The North has long claimed that the U.S.is preparing some kind of assault against it and justifies its nuclear weapons as defensive. Porter or the U.S.S. Ross toward an airbase in Syria.

Kim, the dictator, has been hinting that an intercontinental ballistic missile test or something similar could be coming, possibly as soon as April 15, the 105th birthday of North Korea's founding president and celebrated annually as 'the Day of the Sun'.

While China has clearly lost patience with Pyongyang's nuclear provocations, it is extremely wary of any response that might bring about North Korea's collapse and chaos on its doorstep. It claims its nuclear weapons are a necessary deterrent to the US military threat.

Syria denies it carried out the attack.

The missile strikes might also be seen as a statement to China and North Korea about USA resolve. "I think that in North Korea, it's an enormous unknown".

Trump has already indicated he's open to unilateral action if China fails to rein in its ally, telling the Financial Times over the weekend, "If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will".

North Korea's Kim is likely quaking in his boots over the Syria attack, as Trump is showing himself to be decisive yet unpredictable - a far cry from former President Barack Obama's hands-off approach to foreign policy.

North Korea has been trying to develop a long-range missile carrying a nuclear warhead that is capable of hitting the USA mainland, a distance of about 8,000 kilometers. But Stavridis said that he felt it was the "best strategy" should the U.S.be forced to take military action.

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