Power line kills Nigerian fans watching Manchester United match

Government officials condole a survivor

Government officials condole a survivor

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed shocked and saddened to learn of the tragic event that took the lives of several Nigerians at a football viewing centre in Calabar, Cross River State, Thursday night.

The fans were said to have gathered at the centre in Atimbo area of Calabar to watch the UEFA Europa League quarter-final match between Manchester United and RSC Anderlecht when the ugly incident occurred.

Manchester United responded to the incident by tweeting its condolences to the mostly young victims and their families.

"From the records available to us, seven people died on arrival, 10 are in the emergency ward of the hospital while one victim is now at the intensive care unit of the same hospital".

NAN learnt the electrocution of the victims happened when a nearby transformer exploded twice during the match.

It was a black Thursday for football loving fans in Calabar, Cross Rivers State capital, as the affected supporters were electrocuted by a high tension cable that reportedly fell on them.

"When I turned back to go inside the viewing center, I saw a cable coming down on the center and this electrocuted the viewers in the hall. Over 50 of us escaped dead yesterday because we were standing by the door watching the game".

Ms. Ugbo said that the victims died on the spot when an electricity cable fell on top of the make-shift house that was used as a viewing centre. Inside, the installed fans and the television screen were all burnt.

"We have heard of the incident, some of the people were rushed to the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital for treatment".

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