Rare baby giraffe born at England zoo

April the Giraffe is having a baby, and she's ready to give birth at any moment!

By Friday morning, April had finished all the prior night's grain and was still chomping away, the zoo said.

The park is not sure when April will give birth.

"We hope for launch sequence".

More than 131,000 people were tuned into the live stream by 8 a.m. Saturday as April and Oliver ate breakfast side by side, touching noses through the wiring of their pens. Tell us how long you have been watching the Animal Adventure Park live cams and make your prediction for when April will finally give birth in the comments section below. On Monday, giraffes were born at zoos in Toledo, Ohio, and Cheshire, England. Giraffes are pregnant for 15 months and when they do have babies, their babies are about 6 feet tall and are born from about a 6 foot drop, not the gentlest entry into the world.

The nail-biting suspense and anticipation to see the arrival of a celebrity giraffe's baby to the Earth at New York's Animal Adventure Park is continuing.

The animals traveled from Animal Adventure Park in the town of Harpursville. It's also a much bigger audience than the 16.8 million viewers who watched the NCAA Final Four games last month in college basketball's March Madness tournament.

It is not clear exactly when April's waters will break.

Mom will naturally raise the calf on her own, and weaning could take between six to 10 months, maybe even longer - the zoo says it won't rush the process.

Bulls (male giraffes) only really care about two things - fighting and "the unmentionable". They also reported her appetite was down but she was still eating carrots and lettuce. Considering that April has given birth a few times before, veterinarians on staff at the Animal Adventure Park should have some idea how she responds during pregnancy and labor. Twitter user Michael Cheek posted on the website, "At this point I'm confident this giraffe pregnancy is just a social experiment".

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