Sean Spicer apologizes for 'inappropriate, insensitive' Holocaust comment

Sean Spicer apologizes for 'inappropriate, insensitive' Holocaust comment

Sean Spicer apologizes for 'inappropriate, insensitive' Holocaust comment

"And frankly, I used an inappropriate, insensitive reference to the Holocaust for which, frankly, there is no comparison". "We all make mistakes and I hope I showed that I understand that I did that and I saw people's forgiveness because I screwed up".

Spicer's assertion, made during the Jewish holiday of Passover, sparked instant outrage on social media and from some Holocaust memorial groups who accused him of minimizing Hitler's crimes. "It's-, it really is painful to myself to know that I did something like that because that obviously was not my intention". To know when you screw up that you possibly offended a lot of people.

At a Newseum event this morning about the role of the press in the first 100 days of the Trump presidency, Spicer described his comments as a "mistake" and told MSNBC's Greta Van Susteren that he let President Trump down. Many Jews as well as others were killed in gas chambers in European concentration camps. Spicer reiterated that sentiment at Wednesday's forum. The attack in northern Syria left almost 90 people dead, and Turkey's health minister said test show sarin gas was used. Turkey said sarin gas was used.

The press secretary came under fire Tuesday after he drew comparisons between Hitler and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, after last week's chemical weapon attack that killed 85 people, saying Hitler did not use chemical weapons. I think I did.

In a statement to White House reporters, Spicer said in no way he was trying to lessen the horrendous nature of the Holocaust.

"We didn't even use chemical weapons in World War II", said Spicer.

He said his original comments were "inexcusable and reprehensible".

For decades, the ADL has provided trainings about the Nazi atrocities and the Holocaust to hundreds of thousands of students, educators and law enforcement officials, Greenblatt said.

The Associated Press reported that Merkel spokesman Steffen Seibert said on Wednesday that comparing modern day situations to what happened in World War II is a dicey business.

However, a producer at Fox News' "The Five" tried to omit Spicer's comments from their coverage.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi claimed Mr Spicer was "downplaying the horror of the Holocaust", while senator Ben Cardin called for "someone (to) get the press secretary a refresher history course on Hitler". "Three separate attempts", Goldstein said.

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