Syrian group raises death toll in suspected gas attack to 58

Syrian group raises death toll in suspected gas attack to 58

Syrian group raises death toll in suspected gas attack to 58

The Syrian conflict pits President Bashar al-Assad's government, helped by Russian Federation and Iranian-backed militias, against a wide array of rebel groups, including some supported by Turkey, the United States and Gulf monarchies.

Idlib province, where the air strikes took place, is nearly entirely controlled by a rebel alliance and the al-Qaeda-linked jihadist group, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham.

Hussein Kayal, a photographer for the Idlib Media Center, said he was awoken by the sound of a bomb blast around 6:30 a.m.

Idlib province is largely controlled by an alliance of Syrian rebel forces and is regularly targeted in airstrikes by the Syrian government and its ally, Russia.

"President Erdogan said that this kind of inhuman attack was unacceptable and warned it risked wasting all the efforts within the framework of the Astana process" to bring peace to Syria, presidential sources said.

US Senator John McCain called Tuesday for President Donald Trump to send a strong signal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that the attack will not be tolerated.

Tennari says doctors are struggling to deal with the victims, amid a shortage of facilities and medical supplies, and the antidote used to save patients is in short supply.

Tennari compared Tuesday's attack that killed dozens to the 2013 one in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta that killed hundreds.

The observatory's report did not specify which government-allied force might have attacked the town.

What has been the reaction to Tuesday's attack?

Cavusoglu also criticized Western nations who, he said, give frequent lectures to the Middle East on human rights but, "remained carefree when the red line was crossed before".

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said those killed in the town of Khan Sheikhun, in Idlib province, had died from the effects of the gas, adding that dozens more suffered respiratory problems and other symptoms.

Spicer would not say whether the White House believes Russian Federation played a role in Tuesday's attack, saying simply that Trump has been briefed and is "extremely alarmed" by this "intolerable act".

Ayrault said Tuesday's attack caused "a large number of victims, including children".

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But Spicer says the actions of Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime are a effect of the Obama administration's "weakness and irresolution" in addressing the Syrian civil war. The U.N. Security Council is expected to be briefed on the attack on Wednesday.

People and a civil defence personnel carry children at a damaged site after an air strike on rebel-held Idlib city, Syria March 19, 2017.

"We have new massacres in Syria, still the global community is waiting, waiting for what, we do not know".

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