Syrian survivor of 2013 sarin gas attack to Trump: Thank you!

Syrian survivor of 2013 sarin gas attack to Trump: Thank you!

Syrian survivor of 2013 sarin gas attack to Trump: Thank you!

Nevertheless, she told reporters, she doesn't think Trump did the right thing.

In response to Syria's barbaric attack last week, she tweeted: "Heartbroken and outraged by the images coming out of Syria following the atrocious chemical attack today".

In this dynamic, Donald Trump gets the same benefits from his daughter that Richard Nixon got from Julie Nixon Eisenhower when she defended her father's reputation during the Watergate crisis.

But some are are still willing to put their faith in the president, with one saying that while they "need more information" they are still "trusting Mattis and Trump". He tortured thousands and thousands of people like we saw in the report.

And then the next day, shortly after ordering the targeted military strike on an air base in Syria, Trump held a press conference confirming the attack and giving some insight into his motivation.

The intervention by US forces contradicts Trump's previous contentions, made in 2013 after chemical weapons attacks in Syria, that the United States should "stay out" of the conflict. "I'm so afraid for that scenario to be repeated twice, and this time the victim will be my country", she said. While his presidential campaign previous year he also promised to eject the 12,000 Syrian refugees now living in the U.S. "Build a safe zone for all these people, because I have a heart, I mean these people, it's frightful to watch", Trump said in an October 2015 town hall.

The Trump family is still doing business with Chinese businessmen, with the trade policy formulated by Trump, his family will be the first to obey. Her role in the administration is to be the person who listens politely to Planned Parenthood or Al Gore, rather than to actually negotiate peace in the Middle East or halt the opioid epidemic, to name two of her husband's tasks.

Marking a striking U-turn from the anti-interventionist stance Mr Trump took during his campaign, on Friday he ordered the firing of 59 cruise missiles at a military target in the war-torn country. She is completely blind to the plight of women in the United States and around the world. "When I'm president, we will suspend the Syrian refugee program", he said both at that rally and at many others ahead of the election.

"I'm officially OFF the Trump train", he wrote. We ask for safe zones in Syria. I woke up. I saw a lot of texts on my phone.

"We wish when America is involved and fighting with ISIS and with the president, it will be changed for the other people there", he said through the translator. To illustrate a parallel from his own life, McInnes recounted a story in which he said a female friend accused a man of rape and McInnes violently confronted the man, only to be convinced by the man's incredulous response that he was not guilty of rape.

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