Trump targets individual Freedom Caucus members in Obamacare tweetstorm

Trump targets individual Freedom Caucus members in Obamacare tweetstorm

Trump targets individual Freedom Caucus members in Obamacare tweetstorm

Republicans plunged into a blame game over the demise of the years-long push to repeal and replace President Barack Obama's signature health care legislation, with members sniping at each other over how much they can work with Democrats - or even the White House.

"It is not the role of ad-hoc members to get together and suggest at all that we represent 237 members of the conference or the committees of jurisdiction", Collins said, adding he believes the "only one place the finger-pointing should go and that is at the Freedom Caucus". Friday right after the bill was pulled, he said that he thinks he could get something done with Democrats, and just two nights ago before a bipartisan group of senators at the White House, he said this.

As a member of the House Democratic leadership, I saw firsthand that the path to a majority vote often went through the minority leader's office.

The members who voted with the pair more than 91 percent of the time won their districts by an average of 7.5 percentage points more than Trump.

The president vowed to "fight them" as well as Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections, a threat that his allies said was intended in the short term to make members of the Freedom Caucus think twice about crossing him again. They claimed the proposal did not go far enough in its repeal and did not include numerous provisions President Trump promised during his campaign, such as removing the "artificial lines" that stopped individuals from purchasing health insurance across state lines. Why don't they get that cultivating conservative support, and selling conservative ideas to the general public is the only way they can weather the political storm and actually govern?

President Trump has started what appears to be a war with House conservatives after his ObamaCare repeal measure failed last week. "I thought she was gonna talk about something else, '" Ryan told O'Donnell.

After handing Trump an embarrassing defeat on health care, Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina seemed last weekend to be ready to work with the president on funding the government, promising that he did not expect there to be any problems.

Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows admitted Trump's tweet makes their hope for health-care reform more hard.

Republican lawmakers would have some reason to doubt Trump's sway at this moment: With his presidency stumbling out of the gate, his approval has lagged in the low to mid-forties. "It's not going to be solved with tweets", Meadows told reporters after speaking to about 110 people at a meeting of the Council of Independent Business Owners.

Freedom Caucus co-founder Jim Jordan urged the president to stay calm.

Last week, he publicly pointed to the other party for refusing to co-operate on the bill, a weird comment since no Democrat was eager to replace Obamacare, nor did the White House conduct any real outreach across the aisle. "Incited and abetted by conservative media, they made then-Speaker John Boehner's (R-Ohio) life a living hell, and have greeted Ryan (Wis.) with sharpened pitchforks".

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