Udall will vote against Gorsuch, says should need 60 votes

If the Democrats do indeed filibuster, the Senate could change the rules and lower the threshold to 51 votes (they have 52 now).

Still, majority Republicans are expected to ensure that he reaches the bench, perhaps before the middle of April.

But Murray said that she can't support Gorsuch because of his stance on reproductive rights, his "anti-worker record", and because she doesn't trust Trump.

Democrats have a tough road ahead, lacking the votes to outright stop the confirmation but facing mounting pressure from grassroots groups to block his nomination.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer called on Schumer to call off the filibuster, saying "it represents the type of partisanship that Americans have grown exhausted of".

Should Dems filibuster the Gorsuch vote? He added, "If a judge can't 60 votes, you don't change the rules, you change the judge or the nominee".

"Now that his hearings are complete, it is clearer than ever to me that I can't support moving forward with this Supreme Court nomination".

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Democratic threats of delay, in the face of what he called Gorsuch's outstanding performance, stem from their base's refusal "to accept the outcome of the election". Yet, he was among the Republicans who refused to accord Garland a hearing - not because he wasn't eminently qualified, but only because he was President Barack Obama's pick. The speakers included the father of an autistic boy whom Gorsuch ruled against. For instance, remember Judge Merrick Garland's nomination to the Supreme Court? The Supreme Court, ruling in a separate case Wednesday, unanimously overturned the reasoning Gorsuch employed in his 2008 opinion. McConnell has said he hopes to confirm Gorsuch on the Senate floor by the end of that week, before the Senate leaves for a two-week recess and in time for the Court's April arguments.

Gorsuch also stressed he'd be an independent voice, saying that "no man is above the law".

That said, the chances of this filibuster being carried out indefinitely is unlikely, since Republicans could pursue the "nuclear option" in order to break through Democrats' stonewalling.

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