United States revives talks of moving Tel Aviv embassy to Jerusalem

United States revives talks of moving Tel Aviv embassy to Jerusalem

United States revives talks of moving Tel Aviv embassy to Jerusalem

Trading one president indifferent to defense of democracy and scornful of the USA role as leader of the free world for another president indifferent to democracy and scornful of the US role as leader of the free world is no bargain - for either the United States or Israel.

He also extended a "warm" welcome to David Friedman, confirmed last week as ambassador to Israel in a mostly party-line vote.

Yesterday he met Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett and discussed Israel-U.S. cooperation, the economic situation of the Palestinians and other regional issues. Soon after Trump took office, Netanyahu announced that Israel would establish the first new settlement in some two decades. Trump, who as a candidate pledged to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, has retreated from the promise as president and now says he is considering it.

President Trump, Pence said, is "interested in finding an equitable and just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict".

"Just a few weeks ago, the president dispatched Jason Greenblatt - his special representative for global negotiations - to visit Israel and the Palestinian territories and to bring a message that President Trump is committed to forging a last [ing] peace in the Middle East".

Now Trump and the Israeli leader are both speaking vaguely of a broader Middle East package.

"How can we have a sustained Jewish community in this country and a democratic Jewish community in Israel" as long as an occupation persists, Jeremy Zelinger, one of the protesters, told the Times of Israel. "Palestine and Israel living together in peace", saidAbbas.

It is making for an unusual AIPAC conference, one relieved of the strains that marked the last years of President Barack Obama's tenure, but also filled with significant uncertainty. But backers of the new legislation want the president to go further.

"Let me assure you right here and right now: President Donald Trump's commitment is sacrosanct, Congress' commitment to Israel is sacrosanct".

The Obama administration also defended Israel in multiple United Nations forums, but the relationship ended on a sour note when as one of its final acts in December it allowed through an anti-settlements resolution.

Republican speakers have not been able to resist digs at Obama.

The US Vice President Mike Pence, who also spoke at the convention, touched upon the controversial subject of moving American embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, saying Trump was seriously considering the matter.

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