Woman unleashes torrent of expletives on Uber driver in brutal video

Irate Passenger Threatens To File Fake Rape Accusations Against Uber Driver Guest Post

Irate Passenger Threatens To File Fake Rape Accusations Against Uber Driver Guest Post

The woman tells him to go back to his country, and says, "Donald Trump's gonna send you Afghanis back, get the f**k out of my country".

"You're going to jail", she repeatedly told him.

Video has surfaced a berzerk woman threatening an Uber driver with everything she could imagine for reasons unknown. The company did not identify the driver or the rider.

A lawsuit filed against ridehailing app Uber alleges the company created a "clever and sophisticated" way to manipulate data within its app that results in drivers pocketing less than the expected amount for completed fares, according to a report from Ars Technica.

"I'm going to start screaming out the window that you're raping me", she then said.

After screaming herself hoarse, the mad woman tells the stunned driver to "get the f-k out of my country". "I will kick your phone in your face *expletive, *" the passenger said.

The she added, "I will spit in your face, I'm from the Bronx". Also, the Daily News couldn't verify the woman in the back seat of the Uber was the same person in the gun collar and is withholding her name. I'm going to tell them you're holding me against my will. The class action suit is to help determine, among other things, "Whether the price discrepancy between the fare charged to Users and the fare reported and paid to drivers is based on a willful and intentional scheme to defraud drivers".

"When a driver accepts a User's request for transportation, the User's final destination is populated into the driver's application and the driver is provided with navigation instructions directing him or her to the best route to the User's destination". The woman began violently hitting the man's auto, telling him she would tell bystanders he was raping her after he asked her to get out of his vehicle.

Uber Canada released an updated set of guidelines for riders and drivers, along with tips on how to improve your star rating as a customer.

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