Additional Spoilers On House of Horrors Match, Payback PPV

Orton told Bray that he didn't know what a House of Horrors match is, but Orton accepted the challenge anyway.

Tonight at Payback, Randy Orton lost his match against Bray Wyatt thanks to the interference of Jinder Mahal and the interference of the Singh Brothers. It features potential spoilers, though, so if you don't want a surprise to be ruined for Sunday evening. This didn't get confirmed, but it should be assumed they'll finish this inside the arena.

The pre-shot footage includes Orton arriving to the home in a limo and the two fighting their way through various rooms, including one with dolls of children hanging from the ceiling.

After the action continued inside the SAP Center, Orton appeared to have the match won after hitting an RKO on Wyatt.

The end to this will be interesting to follow, along with how Orton gets to the arena. 1 contender for Orton's WWE Championship, interfered and attacked his opponent at Backlash. Then, Wyatt was moved to Monday Night Raw during the Superstar Shake-Up and the company quietly took the WWE Championship off of the table. Jinder Mahal comes in and nails Orton from behind with the WWE Title belt he stole on SmackDown.

Along with the House of Horros match, there's seven other main-show bouts taking place.

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