Android Go will give budget handsets a boost

It may not be 100 percent compatible with all the third-party apps you use, for instance. Once Uber is in the foreground however it would be able to use any resources it requires.

Google first announced at CES 2017 that it will be bringing the Google Assistant to the Android TV platform.

After 10 minutes trying to distinguish the Os from the zeros and type the password without making any mistakes, you resign yourself to another evening of eating into your data allowance. No more fiddling with tiny cursors, yay! Notification Dots is a new way for developers to notify users about activity on the app, driving engagement.

Google is providing the latest peek at its digital services and gadgets, initially offering a major focus on its efforts to extend artificial intelligence features into more of its apps and services. It'll live at top of the refreshed "My apps & games" screen where users see a list of available updates, installed apps, and apps that were installed but no longer on the device.

It will also consist of specially designed Google apps-like YouTube Go, Chrome and Gboard-to use less memory, storage space and mobile data.

The Android O picture-in-picture feature will allow users to just press the home button and their current application will shrink into a movable window.

Walgreens has rolled this out to its over 8,000 US stores, Google says. Google Play Protect is a user-accessible version of Google's Verify Apps system which scans all content on Google Play for malware and other security flaws. Further, the company has added some interesting features to Google Home as well.

Google Assistant is now available on iPhones and in order to access the virtual AI from Google, iPhone users simply need to open up the Google App and press the voice button to speak with the Assistant.

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