Biden tells New Hampshire crowd: 'Guys, I'm not running'

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Biden tells New Hampshire crowd: 'Guys, I'm not running'

Biden returned to the state Sunday to honour the nation's first all-female, all-Democratic congressional delegation at an annual state Democratic Party dinner.

Biden's forthcoming schedule, detailed in a new article in Politico, contains a variety of Democratic fundraisers and various commencement speeches. "Guys, I'm not running", Biden said during his speech.

Regarding the 2016 presidential election, Biden said: "Trump was pretty smart".

The rest of the world, "they respect us because they think we remain committed to 'all men and women are created equal, '" he said.

Biden spent much of his address on three values that he feels are lacking in today's national political conversation: dignity, optimism, and the ability to think big.

But he also insisted that the current political climate was just a passing phase. Those denials aren't entirely convincing, however, given that Biden himself has stoked speculation that he may make another go for the White House.

Biden has hardly shied away from the public spotlight since leaving office over three months ago, after having spent eight years as Obama's deputy and 36 years as a United States senator from DE prior to that. And he's done little in the last 100 days to persuade his supporters that he has completely shut the door to a 2020 presidential run.

The prospect of Biden running for president may seem ridiculous. It might not work out well for the party to run a familiar Washington face and voice when the outsider argument is waiting to be seized against Donald Trump in 2020.

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"It's not real until they start calling the major bundlers", the source said. He has openly regretted staying out of the race for the White House.

Instead, Biden, former DE senator, focused on thanking his party for their support of him as senator and vice president and for backing former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Biden would be 77 years old on Election Day 2020. Instead, Biden urged Democrats to emphasize an optimistic message on such issues as health care and education aimed at struggling Americans.

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