Controversial broadcaster Katie Hopkins to leave LBC 'immediately' following 'Final Solution' tweet

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Controversial broadcaster Katie Hopkins to leave LBC 'immediately' following 'Final Solution' tweet

British columnist, Katie Hopkins, has been reported to Metropolitan police after she was widely criticized Tuesday for calling for a "final solution" against Muslims following the Manchester bombing Monday night.

There's also been criticism in New Zealand about Ms Hopkins appearance on the radio station Newstalk ZB, where she has been treated as a credible source of information. Get Me Out Of Here! and Celebrity Big Brother, as well as fronting her own programmes on TLC entitled If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World and My Fat Story.

Well-known for her outlandish, far-right views, Hopkins went a step too far Tuesday when she tweeted: "Don't you even dare". Do not be part of the problem. "We need a final solution Machester [sic]", the tweet read. The Met's Contact Centre Twitter account confirming that complaints had been received and would be "assessed by specialist officers". "This really is a new low, particularly at such a fragile time".

Hopkins, who is famous for her polarising right-wing rhetoric, is no stranger to accusations of xenophobia and bigotry - she once compared migrants to "cockroaches".

So many people were outraged that they reported her to the police.

It was deleted rapidly and replaced with an altered version that changed the phrase to "true solution" but the damage was done. "This includes ensuring that we speak and behave responsibly today". "It is important that we use our words responsibly".

But fellow Twitter users were quick to make the connection to the holocaust, labelling Hopkins a "Nazi".

Ms. Hopkins hasn't addressed her departure from LBC directly.

Hopkins, an avid tweeter, has said she is writing a MailOnline column about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

After deleting the original tweet she sent another one removing the term.

She wrote: "22 dead - number rising".

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