Corbyn's security stance a headache for Labour's defence team

She will also say that people have been voting for Labour for generations but many are "appalled" by Jeremy Corbyn's beliefs.

The signatories of the statement appealed to Poles living in Britain to vote Labour "if they are able to vote and to support and help in the Labour Party's election campaign".

The former chair of the Stop the War Coalition used his speech to refute claims that he is a "pacifist" and to assert the need for a new, less interventionist approach to foreign policy.

Corbyn insisted that wars that sought regime change in Afghanistan Iraq, Libya, and Syria - and Western interventions in Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen - "have failed in their own terms, and made the world a more unsafe place".

Significantly, this is higher than the vote share Labour received in the 2015 general election, when Ed Miliband won over 30.4 per cent of voters.

Now he does have a stronger record than anyone of opposing Britain's recent series of foreign wars and will say: "The "war on terror" which lies behind these interventions has failed. And pandering to an erratic Trump administration will not deliver stability", he will say.

May's Conservatives see Corbyn's opposition to military action and nuclear weapons as a major weakness to be exploited in campaigning for the June 8 election.

Several Polish left-wing parties and groups, including the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) party and the Polish Socialist Party, have signed the statement, coming out strongly in support of a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

The Tories scored 7.33, slightly ahead of Prime Minister Theresa May with 7.26, while UKIP were next with 7.24.

For many Labour candidates, however, his views on foreign affairs and defence are one of his big vulnerabilities.

A party spokesman later told reporters that while Trident will be part of the review, its renewal is not in question.

Comparing the Corbyn agenda with the vision set out in 1945 by Clement Attlee for the creation of the welfare state and NHS, Mr Gwynne said: "We think we've got here a package of policies that are genuinely transformational".

"He says he would never use Trident, dithers over confronting ISIS, and wants to tie the hands of our intelligence services".

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