House speaker rejects Trump's branding of Comey as 'nut job'

Ryan says Trump budget favors taxpayers

House speaker rejects Trump's branding of Comey as 'nut job'

Case in point: Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on Trump's "nut job" comment about James Comey.

"Yeah, I don't agree with that", Ryan replied.

Ryan said Wednesday he can envision a scenario in which the House passes a tax reform plan without border adjustment.

Ryan tells the Axios website, "Yeah, I don't agree with that".

Economic growth and strengthened foreign policy will build our country's confidence.

Republicans and Democrats demanding answers after Comey memo Speaker Ryan: President Trump "obviously" had a "bad 2 weeks" The New York Times reported Friday that Trump called Comey a "nut job" in his Oval Office meeting w. Trump went on to say that by getting rid of Comey, Trump relieved himself of "great pressure".

"The President has always emphasized the importance of making deals with Russian Federation as it relates to Syria, Ukraine, defeating ISIS and other key issues for the benefit and safety of the American people", Spicer said in a statement to CNN. "He has no pretension about him", Ryan said. I'm not sure it was meant that way.

"His best quality is his energy and his engagement", explained Ryan.

When Trump "sees a goal he wants to achieve — health care is a ideal example — he just focuses on it. We're just different people". You're the House Intelligence Committee investigation, a Senate Intelligence Committee investigation and a special counsel run by Bob Mueller who I don't think anybody, has any problems with his credibility.

As for Congress, many Americans "think that everything is in chaos. It really actually isn't", Ryan said.

"We're focused and determined to get our work done".

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