Iran will continue missile programme, says Rouhani

US Extends Iran Nuclear Sanctions Relief Adds Other Sanctions

Iran will continue missile programme, says Rouhani

Responding to Donald Trump's remarks in Israel that Washington is committed to preventing Tehran from acquiring nuclear arms, Qassemi reminded the USA president on Wednesday that worldwide organizations have confirmed that Iran has met all its nuclear commitments.

Rouhani secured 57% of the votes in a May 19 election, which means he will head the administration for another four years. "From Lebanon to Iraq to Yemen, Iran funds, arms and trains terrorists, militias and other extremist groups that spread destruction and chaos across the region", Trump said in Riyadh on Sunday. Announced on Saturday, the deal was made in a bid to counter Iran's military capabilities, USA experts said.

US President Donald Trump, during his trip to Riyadh over the weekend, unveiled a deal to provide Saudi Arabia with $110 billion in weapons.

Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley declared the site part of Israel, while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Monday dodged.That was something that President Trump chose to ignore when he was campaigning for office.Mr Trump, who is making his first visit to Israel as U.S. president, said: "I never mentioned the word or the name Israel in that conversation".By focusing on Muslim governments rather than people, and by focusing on terrorism rather than the broader conditions of the Middle East that catalyze volatility and violence, President Trump broke with his two immediate predecessors' strategies for engaging the Muslim world.

Trump's attempt to orchestrate a Muslim and Arab coalition against Iran was a repudiation of the regional policy of his predecessor Barack Obama, whose administration held the first direct talks with Tehran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. When they attacked Iraq, they made a mistake. "Who can claim that stability of the region can be restored without Iran?" he said. It was Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Russian Federation.

The deal included Theater High Altitude Area Defense, also known as THAAD, which is a missile defense system that experts said was made in a bid to counter any possible missile strikes from Iran, should a direct conflict ever occur. "They should have polling stations in place for the people and let the rulers not be on a hereditary basis".

After years of crippling sanctions that wrecked Iran's economy, Obama extended an olive branch to Iran and agreed to lift many sanctions in exchange for a deal on Iran's nuclear weapons program.

This is not to say that the Iranian people are in favour of Rouhani, a man who executed nearly 4,000 people in just four years, boasts about Iran's support for the dictator Bashar al-Assad, and now presides over an Iran where millions live in poverty; just that Khamenei felt that Raisi would cause the biggest protests. "They should be picked by the people". That's when Saudi Arabia executed a prominent Shiite cleric and protesters in Iran attacked two of the kingdom's diplomatic posts.

Trump repeatedly has criticized Iran in speeches on his first foreign trip.

"The U.S. leaders should know that whenever we need a missile test because of a technical aspect, we will test", he said.

Rouhani added: "Our missiles are for peace, not for attack".

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