Kelly Ripa set to announce new co-host for 'Live'

Kelly Ripa set to announce new co-host for 'Live'

Kelly Ripa set to announce new co-host for 'Live'

Over the past year, a rotating roster of contenders has vied for the seat next to Ripa's on "Live".

She then increased the anticipation by going to commercial break before bringing Seacrest on stage.

"It's amusing because Kelly and I are friends - we've known each other for a long time", said Seacrest, joining Ripa at the Live table. Live is no longer Live with Kelly; now it is Live with Kelly and Ryan as former American Idol host Ryan Seacrest has taken the job.

The show is now renamed as "Live with Kelly and Ryan", according to The Hollywood Reporter. Tune in to "Live with Kelly!" at 9 a.m. on WSB-TV for the big reveal!

Kelly, who has hosted the show since 2001, worked with several different co-hosts while searching for a replacement, including Andy Cohen and Fred Savage.

Live has seen its fair share of co-hosts since it premiered in 1983, technically beginning as The Morning Show, hosted by Regis Philbin, 85, and Cyndy Garvey, 67. In addition, Seacrest plans to move to NY full-time to continue his hosting duties.

Seacrest is already one of the busiest people in the media business. Although, he will simultaneously continue hosting his daily Los Angeles radio show.

CNN reported the Seacrest news ahead of Monday's show. So, while he christens his newest post on Monday morning, you may be wondering: what will happen to Seacrest's radio show?

Things on "Live!" were pretty rocky after Michael Strahan announced he was leaving the show to take on a full-time gig on "Good Morning America" a year ago. At the time, Kelly Ripa claimed that she was blindsided by the announcement, and a whole conversation about respect in the workplace was triggered. Strahan told her about the move barely half an hour before the news leaked in the press.

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