LOGAN To Get Black & White Theatrical Release Next Month

LOGAN To Get Black & White Theatrical Release Next Month

LOGAN To Get Black & White Theatrical Release Next Month

Mangold tweeted out the screening news earlier today.

He wrote, "Yes, but it will be on big screens on the 16th".

Mangold previously revealed that it was the reaction to the black-and-white images he released during the movie's production that caused him to begin thinking about an entirely monochrome version of the movie.

Fans have been begging for a black-and-white release of Logan since the first marketing materials for the film debuted, and they're finally going to get this month.

Liev Schreiber praised Hugh Jackman's performance and James Mangold's direction in "Logan".

In a bit of "holy shit, the rumors were true" news, Logan director James Mangold took to Twitter this past weekend to announce that a black-and-white version of his beloved final chapter in the Wolverine saga will, in fact, be coming to USA theaters for a one night only event later this month. Asked whether fans can just set their TV sets to not display colors, Mangold responded: "Won't be on a TV". To which he replied, "The answer is no". We'll know May 16th, the release date for this Logan: Black and White. Mangold explained in a series of tweets that Logan had been "regraded & timed shot by shot" to ensure the greatest possible viewing experience. The most notable example is last year's Black and Chrome Edition of Mad Max: Fury Road, but now the recent hit Logan is getting the treatment. It was, in a way, seeing the new film for the first time.

While special showings of the black and white version of Logan will only be shown in select US theaters, Mangold also revealed that the new version would be included in a DVD release. He seems to really want people to check it out on the big screen. It is nearly a sure bet that when the movie is finally released on DVD and Blu-ray it will be a hot selling item with many sure to have already have it pre-ordered online.

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