Michigan sports doctor faces key hearing in assault case

Michigan sports doctor faces key hearing in assault case

Michigan sports doctor faces key hearing in assault case

In addition to the criminal sexual conduct charges in Michigan, Nassar also faces federal charges related to child pornography receipt and possession.

MASON, Mich. (AP) — A former gymnast has testified that a MI sports doctor brazenly molested her when she was 15, at a hearing to determine if he will face trial on sexual assault charges.

"I froze, because I knew that was sexual assault", she said.

Larry Nassar is shown in a staff photo from his time at Michigan State University. She said she first saw him in 2000 when she was 15 years old and that he digitally penetrated and rubbed her genitals at several appointments under the guise of pelvic treatments and sports massage. At the time, Nassar was a faculty member at MSU.

Now a married mother of three and an attorney, Denhollander said she did not return to Nassar and she eventually began to research the treatment she had received. She testified that these actions comprised of vaginal and anal penetration as well as actions of massaging genitalia and a breast.

"To a client, they said that's why they came forward", Drew said during a break in today's hearing.

She said she did not want Nassar to walk in feeling like he won, and while being cross-examined, she said, "I want him and I want the public to know that I know where the shame and the guilt for this lies". She testified Friday that he assaulted her with his hands on many visits while her mother was in the room.

She was the first to testify in Nassar's preliminary examination, which started Friday morning and continued well into the afternoon.

The judge said he learned during the witness' testimony that a livestream being fed to some TV websites included the witness saying the names of other gymnasts who may also be victims.

She said a physician's assistant in 2003 recommended she report Nassar to state regulators, but she didn't follow through. "There are institutional dynamics that are at play".

Earlier on 6-News, we heard from some of the women as they shared similar stories of how Nassar would use his hands internally to inappropriately touch them.

But she didn't contact police until another ex-gymnast went public with her complaints about Nassar in August, unleashing a scandal that rocked the sport at its highest levels.

"Victim G" testified she was digitally penetrated in roughly half of her visits with Nassar.

Denhollander says it was "humiliating". Victim D is a minor. She started a year ago in media interviews.

"We all talked about how it was uncomfortable and we really didn't like it and it didn't help, but it happened to all of us, so we thought it was normal", she said.

Two other women testified yesterday, but their Identities are being withheld at the request of the court.

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