Priyanka Chopra praised but rest of Baywatch panned by Hollywood critics

Priyanka Chopra praised but rest of Baywatch panned by Hollywood critics

Priyanka Chopra praised but rest of Baywatch panned by Hollywood critics

Chopra remembers one of the scenes, where Zac is dressed up like a woman.

However, James Luxford from the Radio Times, praised the film, saying it "succeeds by putting its tongue firmly in its cheek and charming its way through".

However, nearly every reviewer was impressed by Priyanka. Directed by "Horrible Bosses" Seth Gordon, "Baywatch" isn't the most flagrant offender in our current TV-to-movie scourge, but it's not good. "I wish more movies had female super villains", said Forbes Magazine before adding that more films need female baddies.

And Chopra thinks Efron is so strapping, she doesn't even refer him by his name anymore, preferring to call him "Abs" instead. "Despite being incredibly talented, Chopra is clinically underused, the script offering her nothing to work with", his review read. The bad reviews might discourage the Indian viewers to book their tickets despite the presence of Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra and her oomph factor in the film. "Chopra's engaging, interesting and speaks with a distinctive cadence", said IGN. "None of them are given much of anything to do, either", wrote IGN's Gav Murphy.

Forbes' Scott Mendelson also complained how the actor was kept on the sidelines. However, now we hear that due to many commitments, the actress may not be a part of the special screening that she organized.

As he noted in one of his best Saturday Night Live skits from his five hosting gigs, Johnson is "movie franchise Viagra", and it looks like he has another one on his hands.

Matt Goldberg from Collider couldn't have said it better, describing PC as a real standout in 'Baywatch'.

Robert Luxford, of the Radio Times, however, had a lot of good things to say about Priyanka.

The Guardian's Steve Rose took a dig at the film's swimwear couture. The show starring David Hasselhoff as dashing lifeguard Mitch Buchannon took itself as seriously as possible for an action drama about pretty people in bathing suits solving crimes.

Following the release of Baywatch in theaters for Memorial Day weekend, the producers behind the film have revealed plans for a sequel-and the whole lifeguard team is (likely) coming back for another wild ride.

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