Slaying of camp workers on California beach may be solved

Sonoma County Sheriffs Office Shaun Gallon is seen here

Sonoma County Sheriffs Office Shaun Gallon is seen here

Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas says a suspect is in custody in the killings of a young couple on a Northern California beach more than a decade ago.

"I think there is a joy and happiness in the community that there's been resolution", Freitas says.

The sheriff said they are still unclear about the motive in the case and that they do not know if the suspect had any connection with the victims.

No weapon has ever been found connected to the killings, and detectives are still working on a motive.

For years there was no progress in the case.

Allen, from MI, and Cutshall, from OH, were working at a Christian youth white water rafting camp in El Dorado County and went on a three-day site-seeing trip to the Northern California coast.

Allen and Cutshall were planning to get married the following month. Allen earned a four-year degree, hoping to work at a Christian adventure camp such as the one near Coloma. We praise the Lord for his capture, and we trust the due process of the law.

Freitas said Gallon "had information about the killings no other person could have known, and we have corroborated his statements".

"We feel confident we have Jason and Lindsay's killer", Freitas said of the young couple, whose mysterious killings drew national attention. He had information about the killings that no other person could have known and we have located evidence that confirms his information.

Gallon has pleaded not guilty in his brother's murder. Gallon's mother told investigators that he had shot his brother, according to the statement. Gallon has not been charged in the crimes, however.

Police had previously suspected Joseph Henry Burgess, a New Jersey native who had always been sought by Canadian police in a pair of 1972 shooting deaths on Vancouver Island, as the beach killer.

Burgess died in a shootout with police in New Mexico in 2009.

The Sonoma Sheriff's Department announced on Friday that a suspect in the 2004 Jenner double homicide case is under arrest. Authorities have said neither victim had been robbed or sexually assaulted.

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