Trump congratulates NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson

Trump congratulates NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson

Trump congratulates NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson

International Space Station (ISS) astronaut Peggy Whitson has officially broken the record for the most consecutive days in space and received a congratulatory call from President Trump early Monday morning to mark the occasion.

At 1:27 a.m. Eastern, Whitson, 57, surpassed a record previously held by astronaut Jeff Williams, who spent 534 cumulative days in space. "On behalf of our nation and, frankly, on behalf of our world, I'd like to thank you".

Whitson says it's a "huge honor to break a record like this", and that it would not have been possible without the support of NASA.

President Donald Trump chats with astronauts on the International Space Station from his desk in the White House's Oval Office, flanked by NASA astronaut Kate Rubins on the left and Ivanka Trump on the right. Whitson said the International Space Station is providing a "key bridge from us doing- living on Earth to going somewhere into deep space".

Mr Trump said: "Well, we want to try and do it during my first term or, at worst, during my second term, so we'll have to speed that up a little bit, OK?"

He added that even drinking recycled urine to save precious water in space was "really not as bad as it sounds".

Whitson already had 377 days in space when she launched for International Space Station on November 17.

According to NASA astronaut, Peggy Whitson that the bill signed by US President Donald Trump in March giving the fund of $19.5 billion for the agency to send astronauts from the desired planet this coming 2030s.

"Station, this is your president, do you hear me?"

In addition, the record-breaking Whitson has logged more spacewalking time than any other female astronaut.

"Better you than me", Trump deadpanned in response.

Whitson said it's all about the mission and that she wasn't there because of the record.

"Peggy is a phenomenal role model for young women, and all Americans, who are exploring or participating in STEM education programs and careers", Trump said. She first served as its commander in April 2008.

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