Trump touts ultimate peace, but same obstacles remain

Noting that Jerusalem is a "sacred city", and that "the ties of the Jewish people to this Holy Land are ancient and eternal", Trump recalled his Monday visits to the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, sites sacred to Jews and Christians that are located in East Jerusalem, part of the West Bank and claimed by Palestinians as the capital of their envisioned state.

Cernovich later ripped Trump for agreeing to sell $110-billion worth of weapons to the Saudis, tweeting, "Saudi Arabia remains the world's top exporter of terrorism". And his leadership in the Middle East is a welcome pivot for America and the world. "King Salman feels very strongly, and I can tell you would love to see peace between Israel and the Palestinians".

Greenberg and Hoenlein concluded: "This incident underscores the awful damage caused by serial UN resolutions, including UN Security Council Resolution 2334 (of December 2016), denying the more than three thousand years of the Jewish connection to Israel and the holiest sites in the Jewish religion, which the Trump Administration has said it will work to reverse".

Hamas, a group that has been labelled a terrorist organization by the United States for almost twenty years, blasted President Donald Trump for a speech he gave Tuesday at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, calling it "racist" and "a falsification of history".

When the U.S. leader met his Palestinian counterpart, Mahmoud Abbas, he spoke about being committed to peace in general terms, but didn't use the phrase "two-state solution" - the code-word for a peace deal that would involve a Palestinian state.

David Rubin, a former mayor of the Israeli city of Shiloh, says he was struck by Trump's kind feelings for Israel and he says most Israelis sensed that kindness, too.

Aside from the Saudi comments, there was another element of Trump's peace talk that is said to have pleased Netanyahu.

Trump warned of Iran's escalating presence in the region.

Saudi Arabia doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist but the two countries are united in wanting to stop Iran's ascent in the region.

In joint remarks afterward, Abbas said he welcomed Trump's efforts, which had "given all the nations across the region so much hope and optimism of the possibility of making a dream come true".

Abbas reiterated willingness to accept the two-state solution and the 1967 borders. Trump added that he looks forward to working with these leaders toward a lasting peace.

Meanwhile, Obama never made one trip to Israel during his two-term presidency. There were lots of "firsts" in Trump's oversees trip to Israel, one of America's most trusted allies.

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