University Put on Lockdown for Four Hours Over Glue Gun

Colgate issues alert for armed person on campus

University Put on Lockdown for Four Hours Over Glue Gun

Finally, after almost four hours of the school being on lockdown, the university said that law enforcement confirmed that the "suspect" was another student who was using a glue gun for an art project.

Casey posted a statement Tuesday saying the review will include the role of "implicit racial bias" during the reporting and response.

Colgate University was on lockdown Monday night over reports of an armed person on campus, according to the college's Twitter page.

Casey said the review will examine the role of "profiling" in the response.

Earlier Monday evening, the university tweeted warnings for students to remain indoors as they searched for an armed person in the Coop, the school's campus center.

Colgate University, an upstate NY college, went into a lockdown Monday night after reports of an "active shooter" on campus. Tuesday morning, a group of students staged a protest, chanting "Black Lives Matter", she said.

Colgate University was placed on lockdown after witnesses mistook a student's glue gun for a real firearm.

"This has been a hard, painful several hours on this campus", Casey wrote in his statement, in which he also said he's called for a thorough review of the situation.

During the lockdown, students in campus dorms were advised to keep their lights off to avoid attracting attention, a student told The Huffpost.

Miranda Robles called the lockdown "extremely problematic and absurd".

"We understand this has been a very upsetting evening on many levels", the university said in a statement.

Casey says he'll have a report to share with the campus community within ten days.

Kristen Max, who identified herself as an alum, wrote on Facebook: 'I have to ask how everyone freaks out about a glue gun?

But the school president also seemed to chastise the student who made the initial report, as well as Campus Safety for a different kind of offense.

Students in Colgate University were ordered to "shelter in place" while local authorities looked into the reported gunman on Monday night.

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