California winner of $447M Powerball can claim prize Monday

A Powerball ticket sold in the Sun City area of Menifee in Riverside County has won an estimated $448 million before taxes.

The numbers revealed just after 11 p.m. were 32, 26, 20, 38 and 58, with a Powerball 3. "Whoever the victor turns out to be will now have the option of taking the entire $447.8 million spread out over 30 years, or they can elect to take the lump sum amount of $279.1 million".

The jackpot is the tenth biggest in US history and has odds of winning that are one in 292 million.

The owner of a Southern California liquor store says he feels blessed for selling the winning Powerball ticket.

"There was one Powerball jackpot victor Saturday and 2,750,331 additional players won prizes totaling more than $21.1 million".

Saturday's jackpot is the seventh-largest in Powerball's history, according to the California lottery.

Alberre owns the store with his father, who has owned it for 26 years.

Before the drawing Saturday night, the jackpot was estimated at $435 million.

The odds of winning Saturday's drawing were only one in 292.2 million.

The store is at 27985 Bradley Road in the Sun City community in the city of Menifee. The victor can choose to receive the whole jackpot in annuity payments over the course of 29 years, or claim a smaller lump sum up front, according to CNN.

Menifee has about 89,000 residents. California is one of 44 states, plus Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, that participate in Powerball.

Associated Press writer Scott McFetridge contributed from Des Moines, Iowa.

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