Macbook Pro 2017: What laptops to expect at Apple WWDC 2017

Macbook Pro 2017: What laptops to expect at Apple WWDC 2017

Macbook Pro 2017: What laptops to expect at Apple WWDC 2017

Isports Times reported that in a recent note to Apple clients, Analyst Kuo wrote that Apple's engineers were able to squeeze a 10.5-inch display into a form factor similar to the existing 9.7-inch iPad models. The latter still sports the 6th generation Intel chips while the new Surface Pro is powered with the latest Kaby Lake CPUs.

If you're an Apple fan, then you might remember the iPad Pro that launched more than one year ago. The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, and several other countries are reportedly experiencing long waits as well hinting that Apple may have other plans ahead. The same registry has scooped the launch of new MacBook Pros, iPhones and AirPods in the past. If any, the advantages of the Touch Bar are far outweighed by the compromises that Apple took when designing the 2016 MacBook Pro.

If you are using 2011 MacBook Air and Late 2011 MacBook Pro, be warned: Apple is about to mark these two machines as obsolete, which means you will no longer be able to ask for a fix or support from the company for these computers.

However, we shouldn't exclude an upgrade to the Kaby Lake processor for the 13-inches MacBook Pro, since the processors seems to be ready. Apple claims that is because, at least in Turkey and California, the list of products - including MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, and more - will first transition to "vintage status" for two-years, during which the company will continue offering fix support, prior to the products becoming truly obsolete sometime in 2019. Moreover, users can also expect to get up to 32 GB of RAM, along with faster memory and SSD.

One of the biggest reasons to buy the 2016 MacBook Pro is the new design.

It is nearly always expected that Apple's products will be priced higher than its competition.

Secondly, the new specs - although impressive - do not necessarily warrant an upgrade.

The most basic new Surface Pro configuration costs $799.99 (shipping starts on June 15) while the higher-end variants can be priced as much as $2,699.

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