Netanyahu: Israel to keep security control over West Bank

A war of terror began the night the resolution was passed.

"Our country is committed to a peace that is based on five principles", Johnson told a hall packed with American diplomats.

"Certainly", Johnson proclaimed, "troops must be withdrawn; but there must also be recognized rights of national life, progress in solving the refugee problem, freedom of innocent maritime passage, limitation of the arms race, and respect for political independence and territorial integrity".

Johnson's proposals didn't go very far, but he established the tradition of US presidents attempting to broker a lasting peace to a seismic war that has shaped the Middle East to this day. Not the opening of paths to peace between Israel and Egypt or Israel and Jordan. Israeli control of East Jerusalem is rejected under worldwide law, with United Nations Security Council Resolution 478 condemning the "annexation" as illegal in 1980.

"We seek peace with our neighbours, a real peace, a peace that will last for generations", Netanyahu said at the event, held at the Israeli army's Armoured Corps Museum at Latrun, west of Jerusalem. Arab leaders across the Middle East routinely spoke of Israel's very existence as a humiliation to be expunged. It remains one of Israel's dominance of the region, to the cost of Palestinians. Only after Egypt gained a measure of redemption by going to war again in 1973 did its government agree to a peace deal - which was vilified by its neighbors.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to "preserve" and "strengthen" Israel's settlement enterprise during a Wednesday ceremony at the Israeli Knesset to mark the Gregorian calendar's 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War.

Both Netanyahu and Abbas have said they are prepared for direct negotiations to restart, but Ramallah has demanded Israel take steps like a settlement freeze and Netanyahu has said Abbas must recognize Israel as a Jewish state, producing a stalemate. And the bellicose words were backed up with deeds: Egypt blockaded the Straits of Tiran, cutting off Israel from its southern lifeline. The wisdom of holding territory and ruling indefinitely over a hostile Palestinian population has been debated since the end of the fighting in 1967.

Guterres recalled that Israel was founded on 14 May 1948 and the world still awaits the advent of an independent Palestinian state. But it's so deep in the West Bank that it would be nearly impossible for Palestinians to have a viable state as long as Ariel continues to exist there.

Another decade would pass - and many lives would be lost - before there was a major advance. One side minimizes the negative effect of the settlements on peace efforts; the other side avoids the magnitude of Palestinian violence and consistent anti-Semitic propaganda.

EPHRON: Some of them over the years have evolved to become fully normalized towns and cities with swimming pools, with concert halls, with shopping malls.

That worries many Israelis, including a coalition of former Israeli security officials, who have come together in a group known as Commanders for Israel's Security. But Arafat, notorious for his vague, maybe-yes, maybe-no answers, ultimately rejected Clinton's final proposal. Chairman, ' I replied, 'I am not a great man. After all, only eight days earlier he announced the withdrawal of United Nations support for a Palestinian women's center because it had been named for a terrorist.

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