Not much new in Trump's Cuba policy

Not much new in Trump's Cuba policy

Not much new in Trump's Cuba policy

Trump's new policy tightened restrictions and put forward more complicated requirements for US citizens who want to travel to Cuba, a major setback to the policy of his predecessor Barack Obama which allows Americans to visit Cuba individually in 12 categories, including "people-to-people contract" and "cultural and educational exchanges", he said.

"The Cuban government denounces the new measures hardening the blockade that are destined to fail ... and that will not achieve their aim of weakening the revolution", Havana said.

After stressing that Cuba has not renounced to any of those principles nor will it renounce, the Government reiterates its willingness to pursue a respectful dialogue and cooperation on issues of common interest, as well as maintaining negotiation on pending bilateral matters with the U.S. Government.

Trump announced last Friday that he was reversing crucial pieces of what he called a "terrible and misguided deal" with Cuba, and will reinstate travel and commercial restrictions eased by the Obama administration in an attempt to obtain additional concessions from the Cuban government.

Russia's Foreign Ministry said in a statement Sunday Trump is: 'returning us to the forgotten rhetoric of the Cold War'. Travel by Cuban-Americans to Cuba will not be affected and remittances from people in America to Cubans won't be cut off.

Ramon Saul Sanchez, leader of the anti-embargo Movimiento Democracia, told AFP that the changes do not fully reverse Obama's open-hand policy as Trump had suggested. Diplomatic relations, restored only two years ago, will remain intact, but, Trump says some penalties will stay in place until a long list of prerequisites is met.

Russia's Foreign Ministry has urged the Trump administration to listen to the results of voting on the anti-blockade resolution at the UN General Assembly, which confirms the worldwide community's position on Cuba. "The Cuban people will continue deciding themselves on the changes necessary for Cuba".

He's calling on the Senate's GOP leadership to allow a vote on his legislation that would eliminate restrictions on travel to Cuba by American citizens and legal residents.

Furthermore, he said the Obama deal has done little to improve diplomatic relations or the lives of those still living under Communist control.

Cruises and flights from the United States to Cuba will continue, according to CNN, but tourists will be restricted from entering Cuba. President Trump has made it a central part of talks with the Castro regime. The irony is that in the name of "freeing Cuba", whatever that may mean, the Trump administration has taken the wind out of the sails of people who are changing the country for the better.

The embassies in Washington and Havana will remain open and fully operational.

Flake, a frequent critic of Trump during the presidential campaign, has been among the most outspoken lawmakers opposed to rolling back the Obama-era detente with Havana.

"U.S. tourist visit the private restaurants, they never eat at government- owned restaurants".

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