Police shooting in traffic stop clearly murder

Ray Tensing being sworn in before testifying

Ray Tensing being sworn in before testifying

Auburn neighborhood where Tensing, 27, fatally shot Samuel DuBose during a July 2015 traffic stop.

DuBose's death fueled USA demonstrations against the use of lethal force by white officers against unarmed blacks and other minorities, an issue that renewed debate about racial bias by police.

He is also charged with voluntary manslaughter. Eastern - will wrap up proceedings for the day, as Judge Ghiz has elected to have opening remarks start on Thursday morning.

The university police fired Tensing after he was charged.

Tensing's first jury of six white men, four white women and two black women was unable to reach a unanimous decision in November.

But Prosecutor Stacey DeGraffenreid said evidence including body camera video will show Tensing wasn't trapped. For his second trial, the jury includes a black man, two black women, two white men and seven white women.

Potential jurors were asked Monday about their experiences with police and their views on topics, including the Ray Tensing case itself and the Black Lives Matter movement.

During the traffic stop, Tensing asked DuBose to remove his seatbelt and tried to open the auto door. Mathews said the defense would remain unchanged. DuBose did not comply and closed the door. Prosecutors had argued that Tensing was never in danger and exaggerated being dragged by DuBose's vehicle.

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