President Trump's mexican border may be a solar wall

President Donald Trump arrives on stage to speak at the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids Iowa Wednesday

President Trump's mexican border may be a solar wall

More than200 companies presented their wall projects on the border, responding to the proposal of the US Department of Homeland Security. "And that's good, right? Right? Good? My idea!"

"In my mind I can't envision what he means by a solar wall, you know?" said Bonnie Parr, 60, of Hiawatha, Iowa. That would be great. The solar industry provides more jobs in the US than coal and is growing, so if Trump makes a political decision to look positively on the industry it could be good news for companies like SunPower.

Mr Trump could arguably be seen to be riding high after winning two special elections in the states of Georgia and SC on Tuesday - states which the Democrats had fought hard and spent big to win.

Addressing a rally in Iowa, he said the panels would provide cheap energy and help to pay for the controversial wall. Among them there was a design from Gleason Partners in Las Vegas that proposed a wall made of cement, steel, and fitted with solar panels. And there's no indication that it will win support from Congress. However, the highlight of the rally was when he suggested putting solar panels on the proposed border wall that would separate Mexico and the United States. But it's notable that the president addressed it, nonetheless.

Trump repeatedly described solar power during the campaign as "very, very expensive" and "not working so good". It's got a lot of problems with it. It said that solar-powered energy could be more economically beneficial for developing countries in order to decrease their dependence on imported oil. He's also bashed wind farms for being ugly and unreliable.

"Just the the fact that he used the word solar in a sentence and that perhaps he is not entirely anti-renewables helps", Osborne said in an interview. However, Trump appears to have little interest in deploying low carbon energy resources at scale.

Mr Trump defended his decision to withdraw the USA from the Paris climate accord aimed at curbing global warming, saying it would have cost the country "millions of lost jobs and billions of lost dollars".

"I could tell you stories, I could give you stats, I could go on all day". They also said that the sales of that electricity would cover the cost of building the wall "in 20 years or less".

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