Qatar will not shut gas pipeline to 'brothers' in UAE

"The Qatari government, which is now embroiled in a diplomatic crisis with its neighbors over its support for a variety of radical causes, has long played a duplicitous role in the region", Eckstein wrote.

They are also perturbed by the fact that Qatar has maintained open relations with Iran, Saudi Arabia's adversary in the region.

Ambassador of Qatar in the United States, Mashal bin Hamad al-Thani said in an interview with the Al-Jazeera TV channel.

Another influential player is Syria's former Al-Qaeda affiliate, which now leads the Tahrir al-Sham group and which some analysts and Syrian factions say has links with Qatar, although Doha has denied this.

Despite the diplomatic dispute between the Gulf Arab nations and Qatar, Doha won't cut gas supplies to the United Arab Emirates (UAE); Saad Sherida al-Kaabi, chief executive of state-run Qatar Petroleum, told Al Jazeera.

Relations between the two countries are at their worst in years.

Some weeks ago Gulf countries took a decision to severe all and any ties with Qatar over the wealthy nation's alleged support of terrorism, directly or indirectly.

Qatar has denied funding terror groups.

But Iqbal Jassat's freakish charge that Israel is behind the Saudi-led boycott of Qatar has taken things to an altogether new level.

The US agreed to sell Qatar $12bn (£9.4bn)-worth of fighter jets just days after President Trump accused the country of being a sponsor of terrorism.

Raphael Lefevre, a researcher at the University of Oxford, said the latest Saudi-Qatari crisis could well spark further tensions between rival groups in the rebel enclave.

Islamic Republic officials blamed the incompetence of Saudi officials for the incident, which, according to Iran, killed 4,700 people, including 465 Iranian nationals.

The flareup in the Gulf puts the a hard position because it is allied with nations on both sides of the dispute.

Rex Tillerson arrives to deliver a statement regarding Qatar at the State Department in Washington.

The statement came after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reportedly said he had offered to build a military base in the Muslim kingdom shortly after work began on Turkey's facility in Qatar.

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